Summary of Clinical Data

Clinical Data

The collection of clinical data is ongoing. UVLrx Therapeutics™ is currently involved in numerous clinical studies around the world. Although we are committed to developing a technology to treat blood-borne pathogens, we see many other therapeutic applications for the Model UVL1500 UVLrx Treatment System™.

As it stands, many of the trials have focused on simply improving quality of life for many patients suffering with chronic diseases, such as Lyme Disease, Hepatitis, and chronic infections. There are many regulatory pathways that we must navigate before any specific claim of safety and efficacy can be made regarding the outcome of a specific disease.

Accordingly, the data presented here focuses on general well being of patients with specific chronic conditions.

Acute Cold / FluReduction in cold related symptoms and recovery support
Chronic FatigueImprovement in energy and focus
Chronic Lyme DiseaseImprovement in mental focus and clarity
Epstein Barr VirusImprovement in overall well-being
Hepatitis CImprovement in general well-being and focus

Sometimes, an improvement in quality of life can be a powerful milestone for a chronic patient. With that said UVLrx Therapeutics™ remains dedicated to finding therapeutic solutions, to not only treat specific diseases, but to help restore something most cherished by chronically-ill patients: quality of life.

Key Aspects

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