Radiofrequency ID (RFID)

The UVLrx Treatment System™ combines the UVLrx Station with key accessories, like the Dry Light Adapter and Patient Cable.

Regulating Proper Use of UVL Accessories

For a medical manufacturer, proper use of accessories is important for preserving the quality and safety of treatment. However, effective control measures are difficult to implement, certainly if there is wide adoption of a technology. The RFID system represents a highly effective control measure to ensure the single-use of the sterilized Dry Light Adapter and that the Patient Cable does not exceed the recommended number of treatment uses.

Both the Dry Light Adapter and the Patient Cable are individually shipped within surgical packaging that contain a unique RFID code. Prior to use, the code must be placed in front of the RFID reader positioned on the left side of the UVLrx Station. Software recognizes the accessory and activates the treatment mode. A designated timer for accessory use immediately initiates after scanning the accessory ; meaning, there is a predetermined time in which the accessory can be used before the treatment mode is no longer active and another accessory must be scanned.

Why is this important? The Dry Light Adapter is a single-use accessory, and there may be a propensity to re-use it if re-sterilized. The RFID eliminates this risk. The RFID also ensures that the appropriate accessory is used and no other alternative. For a medical device, quality of instrumentation and procedure are critical for optimal clinical results. The RFID preserves quality, preserves optimal clinical results.

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