Device Overview

UVLrx Station™

The UVLrx Station™ combines therapeutic wavelengths into a single, optical emission. Lightweight design allows placement on a countertop or mounted to an IV pole. The touchscreen display and easy user interface allow for quick treatment initiation.

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UVLrx™ Patient Cable

The UVLrx™ Patient Cable is a highly flexible, durable fiber optic cable that transports the light generated by the UVLrx Station™ to the UVLrx Dry Light Adapter™. Its durable design allows multiple uses.

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UVLrx Dry Light Adapter (DLA)

The UVLrx Dry Light Adapter™ (DLA) is a precision forged, stainless steel sheathed, fiber optic disposable, provided sterile. It is inserted into and resides within an existing 20-gauge x 1” peripheral intravascular catheter administering multiple wavelengths of therapeutic light to the passing blood supply.


Radio Frequency ID (RFID)

Proper medical care demands accountability, which includes proper documentation, adherence to protocols, and use of clean and reliable instrumentation.

The UVLrx Station™ possesses an RFID reader, requring that all accessories be scanned prior to use, a step that preserves the quality of care being delivered.

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