Feature – A4M 2016

Thank you for attending the World Congress on Anti-Aging

UVLrx is a leader and pioneer in the field of Intravenous Light Therapy. UVLrx technology can deliver three specific therapeutic wavelengths of light concurrently through an IV catheter. With this novel approach we are able to treat 100% of a patient’s blood without removing it, during the course of a 60 minute treatment. The wavelengths employed have been used for a variety of conditions and indications, both for treating illnesses, and promoting wellness.

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PRIME Journal, International Journal of Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing Medicine

See our ad in the March/April edition of PRIME Journal.


UVLrx Therapeutics, Introducing the UVLrx Treatment System Model UVL 1500 Brochure



UVLrx Therapeutics, UVLrx in Aesthetics Medicine



UVLrx Therapeutics, UVLrx in Anti-Ageing Medicine



UVLrx Therapeutics, UVLrx in Pain Management



UVLrx Therapeutics, UVLrx in Sports Medicine



UVLrx – Introduction to PILT Narration

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