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Inflammation TriggersTriggers ManifestationTherapeutic WavelengthMeasure
EnvironmentIntroduces Pathogens (Virus and Bacteria)365nm (UVA)Viral Load*
StressIncreased Cortisol Promotes NF-kB630nm (Visible Red)Cortisol Levels* Heart Rate Variability
mTORInhibits Akt Promotes NF-kB530nm (Visible Green)Immunoassay* (Akt protein kinase)

Natural Human Aging

Aging in humans is driven by cellular senescence which is the irreversible arrest of our cell’s lifecycle. This cycle is governed by the limited number of times a cell divides, eventually reaching the point where it no longer divides.

Several pathways drive cell senescence such as pathogens (viruses and bacteria), stress, and other naturally occurring elements in the body.

Impact of Therapeutic Wavelengths on Inflammation

365nm – UVA

Pathogen Deactivation *

  • Damaging and destroying viruses, bacteria and fungus in the blood
  • Inhibits binding and replication

530nm – Visible Green

Reduction of Inflammation *

  • Down-regulation in mTOR
  • Up-regulation of Protein Kinase B (Akt)

630nm – Visible Red

Reduction of Inflammation *

  • Inhibits drivers such as NF-kB and COX-2 involved in pro-inflammatory cytokines synthesis

Immune System Modulation *

  • Activation of Leukocytes and phagocytosis process
  • Promotes antigen and antibody production

* Pathogen Deactivation

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* Reduction of Inflammation

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* Immune System Modulation

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* Reduction of Inflammation

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